To start scanning press the Play button. Also the process can be stopped, paused and resumed.

During the scanning, the progress is shown in the bottom of the scene.


You can navigate in the 3D scene using the following shortcuts:

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Default views Home / PgUp / PgDn / End  
Rotate Left click Shift + Up/Down
Rotate horizontally Up / Down  
Rotate vertically Left / Right  
Vertical shift Ctrl + Mouse wheel Ctrl + Up / Down
Reset vertical shift Dobule left click  
Traslation Shift + Left click  
Zoom Mouse wheel Shift + Up /Down
Delete object Right click + Delete object Del
Quit program Ctrl + Q  

Upon completion of the scanning process, the object can be saved in File > Save model. The point cloud is saved in ply format.