Supported pattern

Chessboard patterns

Name Value Setting
Rows 6 pattern_rows
Columns 11 pattern_columns
Square width 13 mm pattern_square_width
Origin distance > 0.0 mm pattern_origin_distance


These values can be set in Calibration workbench > Pattern settings.


It must be an odd number of columns in order to define an unique origin of the pattern.

Origin distance

The origin distance is the minimum distance between the origin of the pattern (bottom-left corner) and the pattern’s base surface. This value is used to define where is the pattern with respect to the turntable.


Pattern detection

When the pattern is correctly detected, the following colored dots and lines are drawn.



Pattern not detected

If the pattern is not detected:

  1. Check the Calibration workbench > Pattern settings.
  2. Improve the environment light conditions.
  3. Adjust the camera settings in Adjustment workbench > Calibration capture > Pattern.